Saturday, October 23, 2004

Around the Horn

It's Saturday, so it's time to take a look at what's been the talk of the comics blogosphere this past week:

Kevin is down on Marvel.

The Composite Superman is now all the rage, as witnessed by Mike, Will & Tim.

Karen joins the blogosphere, saying Talk to My Face. Then, after much blogging for a week, announces she's leaving.

On the flip side, Tegan celebrates her second Blog-day anniversary, and Graeme celebrates his first (if a tad belated).

Meanwhile, Ron is still MIA, apparently locked away in his Fortress of Soliloquies. Come back, Ron--we miss you and your Super Blogging.

David discovers Girl Genius.

Rick puts his comic reading up to a vote.

It's another contest, as Ed offers up a copy of Salmon Doubts.

Finally, Steve and Sara let us know that their fabulous mini comic Me and Edith Head is being turned into an indy film. If you live in Arizona, you can try out for the part of Katrina.