Saturday, October 16, 2004

Around the Horn

It's time for our weekly look at the Comics Blogosphere. Let's see what's been going on:

Graeme goes on vacation and leaves the Fanboy Rampaging to a gaggle of fill-in bloggers, just in time for the whole Green Arrow HIV thing to blow out into the open.

Meanwhile, guterninja Steve and JOG the Blog remind us of two previous HIV-positive Super-heroes: Bloodfire and Shadowhawk.

Lots of people talkin' 'bout Scott Pilgrim, including Pata and Christopher, who responded to my review. Not to worry--if you haven't yet read it, Rose at Peiratikos is offering you the chance to Win Scott Pilgrim (this in wake of her interview with SP creator Bryan Lee O’Malley).

The Hurting's Tim O'Neill reviews Clive Barker's Book of the Damned IV calling it "a depressing, gruesome, unbelievably nihilistic comic" and "the most extremly nihilistic thing I've ever read."

Matt on Highway 62 goes back in time to 2001; well, Kirby's 2001 that is.

Postmodern Dorian Barney unearths Prez's only DCU crossover, in the pages of Supergirl.

Kerry the Comic Queen discovers Alias.

Scott Saavedra is speechless in Comic Book Heaven.

Precocious Curmudgeon David points out that Dr. Doom was an idiot.

More Talkin' Chaykin from Ian in the Brill Building, this time with The Scorpion.

From down on The Low Road, Ed called to our attention Newsarama's report on the status of the super dumb ass Michigan bookstore display law. I've been ignore Newsarama more and more these days, mainly due to the large majority of moronic ocmments that seem to follow just about every story (yes, I know I could ignore them, but it's like watching a car wreck...) So I'm glad when people like Ed can brave the site and point out important stories like this one.

James was just Reading Along on ebay when he discovered another DC comic for a corporation.

Finally, Peter David's Net has some good news about Fallen Angel. Who knows, maybe in this case quality will actually be given a chance to find its audience.

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Anonymous said...


I'm glad you read the O'Malley interview. I'd already asked him about why he chose to mess with readers' expectations when you posted your review, so I'm glad you got to see what he had to say.