Friday, October 29, 2004

Two Good Interviews

A couple of good interviews with comics writers, but not in the usual places:

SF Site interviews Mike Carey, writer of Lucifer, Hellblazer, and My Faith in Frankie. Most of the interview deals with his work on Lucifer, and at the end he reveals that he has written a Superman arc (presumably for after Azzarello & Lee finish?)

Comicgate has an interview with Devin Grayson. Even though I haven't been too enamored with her current work on Nightwing, I've been a fan of almost everything else she has written. In the interview she discusses how she broke in to comics (with a cold call to DC!) and then has a lot to say about gender bias (and the perception thereof) in the industry. (Thanks to POPP'D for the link.)

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Anonymous said...

And Mike Carey was interviewed there by fellow comics blogger Matt Peckham!