Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Power Pack(ed)

Back a few days ago when I blogged about the return of Power Pack I wanted to link to the Power Pack(ed) fan Website, but when I went to find it again I discovered that it was gone.

As it turns out it's not gone, just moved to a new URL with a snazzy new look to boot:

It's still a great site, with lots of information about the comics, the characters, and the creators.

(Thanks to Trickle of Consciousness for posting the link change!)


Anonymous said...

Hi :) It's great to find more Power Pack fans online! I'm glad you like the fan site... there's so much more I would like to add, it's a challange to find time :) Really looking forward to the new stories and trying to think of ways to get the word out to old fans who no longer follow comic book news. I can't wait to see how they write the characters and new origin!


Dave Carter said...

Since the announcement of the return of Power Pack, I've noticed many people coming 'out of the closet' as fans. Who knows--if the new series can also appeal to kids it just might stand a chance (provided Marvel don't kill it off before giving it a decent chance...)