Thursday, December 23, 2004

CBLDF Goal Achieved!

We've now reached our goal of 10 first-time donors for the CBLDF fund drive!

Right after I finish this post, I'll be heading on over to the CBLDF Website to make my $250 donation.

Big thanks to the following donors for making our goal possible:

David Welsh of Precocious Curmudgeon
Jeremy of The Pickytarian
Gordon of Blog, THIS, Pal!
Marc, the Howling Curmudgeon
Guy from Comic Book Commentary
Kevin of BeaucoupKevin
Will Pfeifer of X-Ray Spex
Steve Pheley, the Gutterninja
Michael of Riverside, CT (no blog)
Nevin Steindam from Ohio (also no blog)

But it's not over yet...

Nevin, our tenth and final donor, has generously offered to match any more $25 donations between now and tomorrow, the 24th (up to a limit of 10). Forward your email confirmation from CBLDF to me and I'll pass the info on to Nevin.

Also, a big YACB thank you to everyone who linked here to spread the word. We couldn't have reached our goal without you!

Have a happy holiday!

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