Friday, December 17, 2004

Christmas Covers - December 17

For each day of December until Christmas I'm featuring a Comic Cover Advent Calendar. Just move your mouse over the image to reveal today's special Holiday comic cover. Click on the image to get a larger version from GCD.

From 2001's Superman #165, this cover from artists Ed McGuinness & Cam Kennedy depicts Clark & Lois trying to decide which of their special edition JLA ornaments to hang on their tree.

Just 8 more 'get-ups' until Santa!

(You can find more comic cover Advent calendars at Polite Dissent and Raw Feed.)


Anonymous said...

That's really cute. For some reason I really like the thought of JLA members (in their civilian identities, I assume!) buying kistchy JLA mementoes.


James Meeley said...

I thought this issue was great. I loved the gifts Supes chose for each of his fellow JLAers. Good stuff.

I also want to say how cool this whole thing with post Christmas covers until Christmas is. Very nice in showing some spirit for the season.

If you get a chance, stop by my blog, as I'm always looking for feedback from others on it.

- James

Anonymous said...

The inker of that cover is Cam SMITH, I believe. Not Cam Kennedy.

Dave Carter said...

Hmmm. GCD lists Cam Kennedy as the inker for both the cover and the story inside, though I see that 'C. Smith' is listed on the credits under the issue number (though those are often wrong). Does anyone have this issue handy where they can check the credits given inside?