Friday, December 03, 2004

Library Update

Thanks to everyone who has weighed in about what comics and GNs we should be getting for the library. No one gave me just twenty, but that's okay; as I suspected, there are some good things that I would have missed on my own. If you haven't yet had a chance, you can still submit your lists, either in the comments section here or in the original post.

It occurs to me that it would help to know which comics & GNs we already have at the library. This link will take you into our online catalog and show the things we have. This covers all the libraries at the U; we are getting many of the items at the Hatcher Graduate Library transferred up here to the Art, Architecture & Engineering Library. Most of the items we already have were gather haphazardly, either as needed for a class, purchased for the Juvenile collection, or donated. I know that there are still some things in the pipeline that aren't yet in the catalog.

We should soon have the funds in place to start buying, which is the fun part! When things start arriving, maybe I'll post weekly updates here as to what comes in that's new.

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