Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Christmas Covers - December 21

For each day of December until Christmas I'm featuring a Comic Cover Advent Calendar. Just move your mouse over the image to reveal today's special Holiday comic cover. Click on the image to get a larger version from GCD.

Today's cover is 1984's DC Comics Presents #67, which teamed-up Superman with Santa Claus. The cover by the incomparable Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez illustrates Len Wein & E. Nelson Bridwell's story of Superman & Santa teaming-up to defeat the Toyman and, of course, save Christmas! (Interior art was by Curt Swan & Murphy Anderson, making this comic a must-have for all fans of super-hero holiday stories!)

Just 4 more 'get-ups' until Santa!

(You can find more comic cover Advent calendars at Polite Dissent and Raw Feed.)


RobB said...

This DC Presents is one of my favorite comics of that series and one that I remember hunting down as a young lad..


Dave Carter said...

Back in the day when this comic came out I had a subscription to DC Comics Presents. Of course there was no Internet or Previews or any such thing, so I had no idea what was to be in this issue until I took it out of the brawn paper sheath and gazed upon this great Garcia-Lopez cover.