Sunday, May 22, 2005

FCBM Day 22 / Monkey Covers

It's day twenty-two of the YACB Free Comic Book Month, and it's also Sunday, which as regular readers of this blog know means that it's Monkey Covers day. So let's give someone a comic with a monkey on the cover, shall we?

Today's selected entry comes from Jonno Crane. The five comics that Jonno listed are:

1. Spider-Man
2. Wonder Woman
3. Green Lantern
4. Supergirl/Batgirl (Ostrander)
5. X-Men

For Jonno I have today's Monkey Cover: Image Introduces... Primate #1, a 2001 one-shot special from Image & IDW, written by Beau Smith & Kevin Bernhardt and drawn by Mitch Byrd & Ryan Odagawa. The cover is by Michael Beck & Alex Garner.

Like all the selected entries, Jonno will also receive a copy of the 32-page Free Comic Book Day Preview Edition of Bone Sharps, Cowboys, and Thunder Lizards by Jim Ottaviani & Big Time Attic (Zander Cannon, Kevin Cannon and Shad Petosky).

Jonno's comics should be in the mail early this week. Enjoy!

Current FCBM Statistics:
96 entries
66 free comics sent so far
9 days remaining

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RedSpyda said...

Hi, thanks for the free comics, just got em today and can't wait to read them after work. Thanks again!