Saturday, May 07, 2005

Free Comic Book Day

It's May 7, and that means that it's Free Comic Book Day. If your LCS is participating, you can head over there and grab some free swag. If I could make a couple of suggestions:

1) Try a free comic that is something you ordinarily wouldn't pick up. Use the opportunity of FCBD to expand your comic reading horizons into a genre you ordinarily ignore.

2) Bring a non-comics buying friend along with you. Or, barring that, pick up some free comics to distribute to friends and family.

Both Dorian and Johanna have reviews of the FCBD offerings.

Happy Free Comic Book Day! (And while you're out, be sure to pick up something for Mom, as Mother's Day is tomorrow!)

P.S. Gleefully and admitedly stealing my idea, Rick Gebhardt is having his own Free Comic Book Month. The more the merrier, I say!

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Nobius said...

I do plan on going there shortly.