Sunday, May 01, 2005

FCBM Day 1

It's day one of the YACB Free Comic Book Month!

Today's selected entry comes from Lee Norris. The five comics that Lee listed are:

1. The Maxx
2. Anything by Jim Mahfood
3. Batman: The Long Halloween
4. Scud
5. Marvel 1602

Lee, it would seem, is into humor, action and off-kilter heroics. My choice for Lee's free comic is:

Monkeyman and O'Brien #1 by Arthur Adams, published in 1996 by Dark Horse. Yes, the same comic as today's monkey cover. Almost as if I planned it that way.

And like all the selected entries, Lee will be receiving a copy of the 32-page Free Comic Book Day Preview Edition of Bone Sharps, Cowboys, and Thunder Lizards by Jim Ottaviani & Big Time Attic (Zander Cannon, Kevin Cannon and Shad Petosky).

Lee's comics should be in the mail at the end of the week. Enjoy!

There's still time to send in your entry for the YACB Free Comic Book Month; details are here.

Current FCBM Statistics:
14 entries
2 free comics sent so far
30 days remaining

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