Monday, May 02, 2005

FCBM Administrivia

A handful of administrative details regarding our Free Comic Book Month:

To my unhappy surprise, I discovered last evening that my spam filter had sent a few of the FCBM entries into my junk email folder. I rescued those I found, but I may have missed a few. I've been sending out confirmations via email for the entries I've received, so if you haven't heard back from me within 24 hours of sending in your submission, please send it again.

I won't be able to send out any of the free comic book packages until later this week, as JimO has asked me to honor the embargo on FCBD books and not distribute the FCBD Bone Sharps... comics until Saturday. So those of you whose entries are chosen this week will have to wait a little extra longer to get your free comics.

If for whatever reason you don't want the free comic that is chosen for you (e.g. you've already read it, you really don't like the creators, etc.) please let me know asap and we'll try to hook you up with something else.

A big thanks to everyone who has provided link love for FCBM, including Johanna, David, Mike, Dorian, Woody, Laura, Scott, Jim, Dave, and Doug (did I miss anyone? sorry if I did--I thank you too!)

That's it for now. Day 2 of FCBM will be announced later today...

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