Saturday, June 24, 2006

Dave's Dozen: Collections/GNs

Concluding my look through the June Previews (for items supposedly shipping in August or September), here are a dozen collections and graphic novels that I feel are worth your attention:

Jonah Hex: A Face Full of Violence
(DC, $14.99, p. 77)

If you're looking for not just one, but six stories of violent western action, then this is the collection for you! Follow along with Hex as he hunts bounty and exacts revenge.

Pride of Baghdad
(DC/Vertigo, $19.99, p. 114)

Brian K. Vaughan is a fave of YACB readers, so I'm sure you all will be lined up to get a copy of this new OGN about the adventures of a bunch of escaped animals from the Baghdad Zoo in the wake of the Iraq War. Artist Niko Henrichon is unfamilar to me, but the sample pages are sweet.

NextWave: Agents of H.A.T.E., vol. 1 - This is What They Want
(Marvel, $19.99, p. M88)

All those of you who haven't been reading Warren Ellis and Stuart Immonen's NextWave have been missing out on one of the most wacked-out fun titles that marvel has published in years. Well now you have a second chance! (And yes, there will be a third chance when this hits paperback in a few months, but if you wait for the trade then the meta-terrorists have won!)

X-Statix Presents: Dead Girl
(Marvel, $13.99, p. M102)

The other fun comics from Marvel published recently gets its very own trade paperback collection. has Marvel killed off your favorite character? Then they're probably in here!

C'est Bon Anthology, vol. 1
(C'est Bon Kultur, $21.95, p. 251)

All your favorite international artists that you probably have never heard of before come together in a handsome anthology. Think of it as Flight for the int-indy-art-comix set.

Abandon the Old in Tokyo
(Drawn & Quarterly, $19.95, p. 281)

More classic 60's art-manga from Yoshihiro Tatsumi, a manga-ka who was way ahead of anyone on either side of the Atlantic.

The Louche and Insalubrious Escapades of Art d'Ecco
(Fantagraphics, $16.95, p. 285)

Early Roger Langridge comics that show what he was up to before creating the enjoyable Fred the Clown.

Fallen Angel, vol. 1
(IDW, $19.99, p. 303)

Not to be confused with the first Fallen Angel collection that came out from DC a while back, this collects the recent IDW series by Peter David & J. K. Woodward.

Fragile Prophet
(Lost in the Dark Press, $9.95, p. 308)

I screwed up my online ordering and missed out on getting this in floppy form, so as I really enjoyed Davidson & Buell's first comic, Video, I'm really looking forward to this collection.

Amelia Rules! vol. 3: Superheroes
(Renaissance Press, $14.95/$24.95, p. 323)

Jimmy Gownley doesn't really need you to buy this, as he'll be selling truckloads to libraries. But you should get it anyways, cause it's good. Oh, and despite the title it's not a super-hero comic, it's a comic about kids who dress up as super-heroes.

Star Trek
(TokyoPop, $9.99, p. 333)

The latest OEL manga from TokyoPop is an anthology of tales from the defunct sci-fi franchise. Can TP succeed where so many before have tried? (Gold Key, Marvel, DC, Marvel again, WildStorm...)

Lost Girls
(Top Shelf, $75.00, p. 352)

Safe to say that nobody is going to put down $75 for this thing and not know what it's about. Me? I'm trying to figure out how three, 122-page volumes can add up to 264 pages...

That's 12 big thick comics to make a dent in your wallet! (Earlier this month I had my picks for mainstream and indy comics.)

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Pride of Baghdad, X-Statix Presents: Dead Girl, and C'est Bon Anthology, vol. 1 are really tempting me.