Monday, June 12, 2006

DC Dream Teams

I recently got to thinking about who some of my dream creative teams would be for DC Comics titles. My only rule was that it had to be creators who had never worked as the regular writer or artist on that title or character. Here's some of what I came up with:

Wonder Woman: Gail Simone & Terry Moore

Oddly, in the comic's 65-year history, a woman has never been the regular writer of Wonder Woman. (Trina Robbins did a mini-series back in the 80s.) It's high time that changed, and who better than DC's female super-hero writer-in-residence Gail Simone? And with SiP winding up, Terry Moore could bring a style that isn't cheesecake, but still attractive.

Legion of Super-Heroes: Kurt Busiek & George Perez

George Perez has stated in the past that the Legion is the one super-hero team he has yet to do, and would like to. And with his Avengers co-hort Kurt Busiek along for the writing, this would make for a great super-team book.

Swamp Thing: Matt Howarth

The problem with the past umpteen iterations of Swamp Thing is that the series has labored long in the shadow of Alan Moore. Matt Howarth would bring a completely different story and artistic sensibility to the character.

Hellblazer: John Rozum & Steve Lieber

As an artist, Steve Lieber excels at making ordinary people exciting, and he can bring the supernatural funk. You know he'd be great drawing John Constantine in his trenchcoat every month. John Rozum is a highly underrated writer, and a higher profile book like Hellblazer would bring him the audience that the unheralded Midnight Mass. & Xombi couldn't.

Sugar & Spike: Judd Winick

Okay now, hear me out. Winick is great when drawing his own stuff, and when bringing the funny. Yeah, he'd have to tone things down from Barry Ween, but Juniper Lee showed that he is capable of being funny without being a potty mouth.

The Atom: Jim Ottaviani & Rob Walton

The Atom is supposed to be a nuclear scientists, so let's bring on a couple of guys who actually know their nuclear science!

The Question: L. Neil Smith & Cliff Chiang

Author Smith is a dyed-in-the-wool Libertarian, so it'd be very intersting to get his take on Ditko's creation. And I just want to see Cliff Chiang draw something every month, and think he'd be a good fit.

The Inferior Five: Dan Slott & Jim Mahfood

Dan Slott worked his magic with Marvel's Great Lakes Avengers, so let's turn him loose on DC's team of super-hero losers. When paired with Mahfood's heavy humorous line, it could be the comic that appeals to super-hero fanboys and indy geeks too.

Challengers of the Unknown: Fred Perry

Challengers is a book that needs the kind of high-adventure attitude that Fred Perry brings to his own Gold Digger series.

So, how about you--what are some of your DC Dream Teams?


John Rozum said...

Thanks for the vote of confidence. I think Vertiogo has a policy that anyone writing Constantine has to be British.

Dave Carter said...

Azzarello wrote Hellblazer, so there's precedent for a non-Brit...