Wednesday, June 28, 2006

New This Week: June 28, 2006

The Complete Future ShocksBased on the NCRL list for this week's comics shipping from Diamond, here are a few things to look for at the local comic shop later today:

The Pick of the Week is The Complete Future Shocks by Alan Moore and a host of talented British artists. This collects all of Moore's early "Future Shocks" stories from 2000 A.D.; although Moore was still developing as a writer, these are some fun 6-8-page tales.

In other comics:

Antarctic have the pocket manga collection of Rod Espinosa's well-received Oz: The Manga; plus the debut of Gold Digger Tangent and the second issue of Gold Digger: Throne of Shadows.

Arcana have the second issue of Koni Waves.

Dark Horse have a collection of Conan and The Demons of Khitai and a new issue of Usago Yojimbo (#94).

DC have another of their 80-page $1 crack comics promo-samplers: DCU: Brave New World; the final issue of Lucifer (#75); plus new issues of 52 (week 8), Action Comics (#840), American Way (#5), Batman (#654), Blue Beetle (#4), Catwoman (#56), Crisis Aftermath: the Spectre (#2), Hawkgirl (#53), Solo (#11 -- Sergio!), and Supergirl and the Legion (#19).

Graphitti have the first of 3 graphic novel prequels to Richard Kelly's Southland Tales.

Image have a collection of Warren Ellis's Down; and new issues of Invincible (#33) and Negative Burn (#2).

Marvel have new issues of Avengers & Power Pack Assemble (#3), Daredevil (#86), Nextwave (#6), Runaways (#17), Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane (#7), Ultimate Spider-Man (#96), and X-Factor (#8).

Oni debut Leading Man; end Polly and The Pirates (#6); and have the second volume of Ross Campbell's Wet Moon.

TokyoPop have the third volume of Telepathic Wanderers; and the sixth and final volume of Rising Stars of Manga.

Viper have the second issue of Villains.

As always, plenty of love to give your local comic shop!


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