Friday, June 23, 2006

Which Oni GN Should Dave Read Next? 2

I did this before a while ago, and I think it's time to do it again.

I have a small stack of GNs/collections from Oni, and I'd like you all to decide which one I should read this weekend.

The candidates are:

Killer Princesses
by Gail Simone & Lea Hernandez
Little Star by Andi Watson
Midnight Mover by Gary Phillips, Jeremy Love & Jeff Wasson
No Dead Time by Brian McLachlan & Tom Williams
Once in a Blue Moon by Nunzio DeFilippis, Christina Weir, & Jennifer Quick
One Plus One by Neal Shaffer & Daniel Krall
Scooter Girl by Chynna Clugston-Major
Three Days in Europe by Antony Johnston & Mike Hawthorne

Please use the comments on this here blog post to make the case for which of the above I should read over the weekend. I'll post a review or reviews of the Oni GN(s) I choose early next week.



Unknown said...

The only one I've read from that list is Little Star. It was good, but not spectacular. It might have been because I couldn't totally relate to the life of being a parent quite yet.

Johanna said...

Killer Princesses -- too long for the joke

Little Star -- good, a little too sappy to be great

Midnight Mover -- haven't read

No Dead Time -- absolutely awful; self-indulgent observations that everyone's had by the time they're 18 and scratchy amateur art

Once in a Blue Moon -- good light fantasy, very entertaining, but frustrating that it is a volume 1 with no followup

One Plus One -- haven't read it, but curious about it

Scooter Girl -- best of the bunch! very fun, very well-done

Three Days in Europe -- eh. I wish Johnston would quit calling things he writes "romances", because they usually aren't, and the bait-n-switch annoys me

I have reviewed some of the above but figured I wouldn't clutter up your blog with my links. Looking forward to seeing what you pick!

RedheadFangirl said...

I agree with Johanna that Scooter Girl is best of the bunch (well, the only one I've read of the list..). The mod clothes and relationship interactions are well done.

Anonymous said...

Scooter Girl was a lot of fun. Three Days in Europe had a promising start but fizzled quickly for me.

Anonymous said...

I've only read Little Star and Scooter Girl.

The Little Star monthlies were kind of pointless at some times and great at other times. When it was at its best, it portrayed emotions and the unspoken parts of conversations as well as anything else I read last year. At the end, though, I couldn't tell if there had been a satisfying plot or even any sort of progression. I've been wondering how it would read as a trade.

Scooter Girl was disappointing. A lot of people rave about how great it is, but... Well, it wasn't bad. If it were a movie, it would have premiered on some cable TV channel on a Saturday afternoon. There were some interesting moments and clever conversation, but the plot was held together largely by coincidences and by people making choices that I just couldn't accept (sometimes because they were out of character, and sometimes because no human would act like that). True, it's the type of story that comics don't have enough of, but it's still a mediocre example of that type of story.

Johanna said...

I have to disagree, Nevin. The depth of the book didn't click for me until the third reading, I admit, but then I realized that it's really a story about growing up, and the effects are much more subtle than I suspected. While I personally didn't agree with some of the character choices (they weren't something I would have done), I don't recall finding any of them something no one would do.

Lots more in my review.

Dave Carter said...

Based on the reactions, both positive and negative, I decided to read Scooter Girl.

I'll post my review sometime on Monday (hopefully...)

Thanks to everyone for your comments!

Anonymous said...

I'll try to re-read Scooter Girl someday. I'm not sure when, because I have a huge pile of GNs that I still need to read for the first time...but I should probably give it another chance.

I'm looking forward to your review, Dave.

Johanna said...

Me too!

Dave Carter said...

Review is here.

The Dane said...

Just so you know, you could probably skip Midnight Mover and not be worse off for it. It was a pretty mediocre crime thingy.