Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Dave's Dozen: Indy Comics

Continuing my look through the June Previews (for comics supposedly shipping in August), here are a dozen indy comics that I feel are worth your attention:

Phonogram #1
(Image, $3.50, p. 136)

"Real"-world magic collides with the worlds of indy rock and photography. Keiron Gillen's story looks intriguing and the art by Jamie McKelvie has an attractive David Hahn-like quality.

Strangers in Paradise #84
(Abstract Studios, $2.95, p. 206)

Is anybody but me still reading this in floppy form? Actually I'm not really either, as I tend to let these stack up and then read a chunk all at once. I guess I should be waiting for the trade, but it's too late to start now...

Dork #11
(Slave Labor, $2.95, p.218)

Yeah sure it takes Evan Dorkin forever to create a new issue of Dork. But it's always worth it, as Dorkin packs every page with the funny. Guaranteed laughs.

Rex Libris #5
(Slave Labor, $2.95, p. 218)

More densely packed librarian humor from James Turner.

Gold Digger #77
(Antarctic Press, $2.99, p.222)

Little Tiffany has her first adventure as she teems up with one of the Peebos to explore a hidden chanber in her Aunt Gina's lab. Fred Perry really shines when he does these one-offs between epics.

Athena Voltaire: Flight of the Falcon #1 - Ape Edition
(Ape Entertainment, $4.50, p. 224)

Another refugee from the Speakeasy collapse resurfaces. This combines the first (and only) Speakeasy issue with the unpublished second issue, allowing new readers to get in on the ground floor.

The Origin of Sparky One Shot
(Awakening Comics $2.99, p. 244)

A jam comic featuring the likes of Dave Sim, Shannon Wheeler, Bob Burdon and James Kochalka. Consider it an autograph book for APE or SPX.

Whisper #1
(Boom! Studios, $3.99, p. 247)

The First comics 80s rennaisance continues. This time it's Steven Grant's turn; he brings back his Whisper character, but it's a re-imagining, not a continuation.

The Enigma Cipher #1
(Boom! Studios, $3.99, p. 247)

Boom! seems to be turning out quality mini-series with alarming regularity, and this new one--which ties WWII code-craft with modern-day conspiracies--looks like it could be another enjoyable outing.

Delphine #1
(Fantagraphics, $7.95, p. 285)

The upscale Ignatz comic line continues. This time it's Richard Sala's turn as he retells the story of Snow White.

Thieves & Kings #49
Thieves & Kings Presents: The Walking Mage #1

(I Box, $3.50, $9.95, p. 293)

Despite Mark Oakley's annoucnement in the last issue of T&K that the series would me morphing into T&K Presents, it appears that he's taking a different tack. The regular T&K comic continues the narrative with the origin of sorceress Soracia, while The Walking Mage is a full-color 64-page digest-size comic collection of the Webstrip about magician Quinton.

Shark-Man #1
(Thrill House, $3.99, p. 328)

Another instance of a Hollywood big-wig slumming in comics. But this one has a cool-sounding story--a condemned prisoner is forced to protect a 1930s-era utopian society from organized crime--and art by Steve Pugh. So worth a look.

It's a baker's dozen this time out! A couple days ago I highlighted mainstream comics. I'll have Collections & GNs in a few days.

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