Monday, June 05, 2006

FCBM2 Day 36.5

It's still day Thirty-six of the second annual YACB Free Comic Book Month, and yes, we're still giving away free comics!

Today's second selected entry comes from Bill Doughty. Bill's five comics are:

1. Starman
2. Bone
3. The Spirit
4. Legion of Super-Heroes
5. True Story Swear to God

For Bill I have Mary Jane: Homecoming #1-2 by Sean McKeever & Takeshi Miyazawa; because anyone who likes Legion & True Story should be reading Mary Jane.

As a bonus, I'm sending Bill a Gemstone Halloween ashcan Donald Duck comic, featuring the story "Hobblin' Goblins" by Carl Barks.

Bill's comics should be in the mail soon. Enjoy!

Current FCBM Statistics:
62 entries
128 free comics sent so far
?? days remaining

1 comment:

Bill D. said...

Woot! Thanks, Dave! I loved The Sandwalk Adventures last year, so I'm anxious to see how well you picked for me now! Plus, Carl Barks - can't go wrong there.