Thursday, August 31, 2006

New Library Comics: Week of August 21, 2006

Here are the comics we added to our library collection last week:

Abrams, Pete. Is it not nifty? /Thomasville, NC : Plan Nine Pub., c1998.

B., David, 1959- Babel /Montreal, Quebec : Drawn & Quarterly, 2004- no. 2

Basset, Brian. Red and Rover : a boy, a dog, a time, a feeling : a comic strip /Kansas City : Andrews McMeel Pub., c2002.

Blegvad, Peter. The book of Leviathan /Woodstock, NY : Overlook Press, 2001.

Butler, P.M. Dawn's dirty little black book /Seattle, Wash. : Eros Comix, 2000.

Carney, Charles. The Acme catalog : quality is our #1 dream : from the makers of ACME products /San Francisco : Chronicle Books, c2006.

Clamp (Artistic group) X/1999 : prelude /San Francisco, Calif. : Viz Communications, c1996.

Coleman, Joe. The mystery of woolverine woo-bait /Seattle, WA : Fantagraphics Books, 2004, c1982.

Consiglio, Tony. Double cross : more or less /Marietta, GA : Top Shelf, c2002.

Defilippis, Nunzio. The tomb : a Jessica Parrish adventure /Portland, OR : Oni Press, 2004.

Dementia. Buffy /Seattle, Wash. : Eros Comix, 1997.

Emerson, Hunt. Citymouth /London : Knockabout Comics, c2000.

Ennis, Garth. Enemy ace, war in heaven /New York : DC Comics, c2003.

Espinosa, Rod. The courageous princess /San Antonio, Tex. : Antartic Press, 2000- vol. 1

Hall, Mike. Make your own comics : the small press primer /San Diego, CA : Ape Entertainment, 2004.

Hayes, Leah. Holy Moly /Seattle, WA : Frantagraphics, c2004.

Holbrook, Bill. Kevin & Kell : quest for content /Norcross, GA : Online Features Syndicate, c1997.

Hurd, Damon. A strange day /Gainesville, Fla. : Alternative Comics, c2005.

Kelso, Megan, 1968- The squirrel mother : stories /Seattle : Fantagraphics ; [New York] : Distributed by W.W. Norton, 2006.

Lansdale, Joe R., 1951- Red range /Dripping Springs, Tex. : Mojo Press, c1999.

Livingston, Todd. The Black Forest /Orange, CA : Image Comics, c2004.

Macklin, Ken. Dr. Watchstop : adventures in time and space /Forestville, Calif. : Eclipse Books, c1989.

McCloud, Scott, 1960- The new adventures of Abraham Lincoln /La Jolla, CA : Homage Comics, 1998.

McCorkindale, Bruce. Here come the Lovejoys /Seattle, Wash. : Eros Comix, 2001.

Metaphrog. Louis : lying to Clive /Glasgow : Metaphrog, c2001.

Mind riot : coming of age in comix /New York : Aladdin Paperbacks, 1997.

Moon, Fabio. De:tales : stories from urban Brazil /Milwaukee, OR : Dark Horse Comics, c2006.

Murphy, Mark, 1965- House of java : stories /New York : NBM, c1998- vol. 1

Mutard, Bruce. The bunker /Orange, CA : Image Comics, c2003.

Rubber necker. /Gainesville, Fla. : Alternative Comics, c2002- nos. 1-3

Sassaman, Gary. Is this the way to fiction? /Pittsburgh, PA : Ollie Ollie! Oxen Free Press, 1998.

Torres, Daniel, 1958- The art of Daniel Torres. /Barcelona : Norma Editorial, 1995.

Torres, J. Scandalous /Portland, OR : Oni Press, 2004.

Varon, Sara. Sweaterweather /Gainesville, FL : Alternative Comics, 2003.

Vosburg, Mike. Lori Lovecraft /Tujunga, Calif. : AV Publications, c2000.

Watson, Andi. Geisha : out of tune /Portland, OR : Oni Press, 2000.

Weinstein, Jacob. Dirty boxes /Gainsville, FL : Alternative Comics, 2001.

Wilber, Ron. Domino lady /Seattle, WA. : Eros Comix, 1995.

Withrow, Steven. Webcomics /Hauppauge, N.Y. : Barrons Educational Series, 2005.

Young, Larry. Proof of concept /San Francisco, CA : AiT/Planet Lar, 2004.

Yuri monogatari /[United States] : ALC, c2004.


afdumin said...

By the accuisitions that you periodically post, it's pretty easy to guess that you obvoiusly don't work in a standard public library. So, I'm guessing it's some kind of government related institution?

Dave Carter said...

We're an academic research library.