Wednesday, August 30, 2006

New This Week: August 30, 2006

All Star Superman #5Based on the NCRL list for this week's comics shipping from Diamond, here are a few things to look for at the local comic shop later today:

The Pick of the Week is All Star Superman #5 by Grant Morrison & Frank Quitely. let's face it, this is probably going to be the pick of the week whenever it manages to come out. (And yeah, sure, it's late--but you were expecting it, and it's not like it's a massive crossover taking the whole line late along with it...)

In other comics:

Antarctic have a new issue of Gold Digger (#77).

Ape Entertainment resurrect the former Speakeasy title Athena Voltaire: Flight of the Falcon.

Boom! have the second issue of X Isle.

Comely Comix have the debut of a new Captain Canuck series: Captain Canuck: Legacy.

Dark Horse have the second volume of Path of the Assassin; the third collected volume of Rex Mundi; and a new issue of Usagi Yojimbo (#96).

DC have a big black and white Showcase Presents Batman volume; the final issue of Solo (#12); and new issues of 52 (week 17), Action Comics (#842), American Way (#7), and Uncle Sam and the Freedom Fighters (#2).

D.E. have the second issue (following the 25¢ #0) of Battlestar Galactica (#1).

Graphix have Baby Sitters Club vol. 1: Kristy's Great Idea, a graphic novel version of the popular tween book series with Raina Telgemeier on art.

Hill & Wang: If your store didn't get it last week, they should have the 9/11 Report Graphic Adaption this week.

IDW kill off Comics Intranet Rumormonger Rich Whatshisname in CSI: Dying in the Gutters #1; and have a new issue of Fallen Angel (#8).

Image have a new issue of Rocketo (#11).

Marvel have the first hardcover collection of the too-much-fun-for-Marvel Nextwave: Agents of HATE; a collection of Straczynski & Doran's Book of Lost Souls; and new issues of Kabuki (#7), She Hulk 2 (#11), and X-Factor (#10).

Thrud Comics have the second issue of Thrud the Barbarian.

Hmmm, at first I thought that this might be a light week, but looking at the list above I see that it isn't really. Enjoy All Star Superman #5 and the rest of your new comics!

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