Tuesday, August 15, 2006

New Library Comics: Week of August 7, 2006

Here are the comics we got in for our library collection last week:

5 o'clock shadow. /Ann Arbor, MI : M. Madden,. nos. 20-22

Blackburn, John. Coley running wild /Seattle, WA : Eros Comix, [1997]- vol. 4

Cadelo, Silvio. The romantic flower /New York : Catalan Communications, c1990.

Coe, Sue, 1951- Sheep of fools : --a song cycle for five voices /Seattle, Wash. : Fantagraphics, c2005.

Coleman, Joe. Muzzlers, guzzlers and good yeggs /Seattle, WA : Fantagraphics, c2005.

Comics quarterly : CQ. /North Brighton, Vic. : Fine Art Comics,. 1999

Dirty stories. /Seattle, WA : Fantagraphics Books, 1997- vols. 2-3

Fingerman, Bob. Finger filth /Seattle, WA : Eros, c1997.

Fonteriz. XXX women /Seattle, WA : Eros Comix, 1999.

Get bent! /York, PA : Ben T. Steckler,. no. 7

Hernandez, Gilbert. Birdland /Seattle, WA : Eros Comix, 1999, c1994.

Historietas de Walt Disney. /Mexico, D.F. : Organizacion Editorial Novaro. nos. 1013, 1014

Levis, Georges. Coffee, tea, or me? /Seattle, Wash. : Eros Comix, 1998, c1991.

Linterna Verde. /Mexico : Editorial Novaro,. no. 1280

Love and rockets (Fantagraphics Books) Love and rockets. /Stamford, CT : Fantagraphics Books, 1982- vol. 2 no. 15

Olexa, Steve. War fix /New York : NBM ComicsLit, c2006.

Schulz, Charles M. The complete Peanuts /Seattle, WA : Fantagraphics Books, c2004- vol. 5

Solano Lopez, F. (Francisco), 1928- The young witches /Seattle, WA : Eros Comix, 2000.

Tarsis, Brian. City of dreams : a tale of erotic fantasy /Seattle, WA : Eros Comix, 1996.

Thorne, Frank. The complete Ghita /Seattle, WA : Eros Comix, 2001.

Ware, Chris, 1967- Rusty Brown /[Seattle, Wash. : Fantagraphics Books, 2005?]

Willingham, Bill. Ironwood /Seattle, Wash. : Eros Comix, c 1997- vol. 1

Wright, Paul. Smelling a rat /London : Jonathan Cape, 2005.

Yui, Toshiki. Hot tails /Seattle, WA : Eros Comix, 1998- vol. 1

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