Monday, August 14, 2006

Undiscovered Gems Day 6

Here is today's batch of recommendations/entries for the 100 Comics Giveaway Contest; undiscovered gems of which you may not have been aware:

Talent #1From Joshua G.:
My pick is Talent, a miniseries from Boom that is currently on its second issue... I think. The premise is that a man is on a airplane that crashes into New York harbor, he wakes up with the memories and skills (Talents) of everyone who was on the plane. He is now wanted in connection with the crash, with people thinking he is a terrorist. Additionally, some sort of mysterious and powerful organization wants him eliminated for reasons unknown. The art is bold (I don't really explain art well) and the storytelling has been great so far. I got this recomended by the guy at my local shop and it is not getting nearly enough support. I am hoping that if we can get enough backing, they may agree to expand it, rather than finish it in the 4(6?)-book arc they currently have planned. You should be able to find the minis at most stores at this point. My friend on the West Coast just recently had issue #1 released there, so I think it varies regionally.

Rocketo #1From Gordon D.:
I don't know why more people aren't reading Rocketo - it's one of those genre-mixing books that doesn't feel cliche. Strong art and unusual coloring that pulls you into a far-future world that you have never seen; twists and turns that occur naturally; and just a very unique premise. This is one of those books that, once I got started, I now can't stop reading...and it's all thanks to Yet Another Comics Blog

Chikyu Misaki vol. 1From TangognaT:
My undiscovered gem is Chikyu Misaki by Iwahara Yuji - Misaki moves to her grandfather's house in a remote town near lake Hohoro. Life quickly becomes complicated when she discovers a legendary lake monster and deals with her repressed childhood memories. The sleepy town quickly fills with intrigue due to a kidnapped heiress, missing gold, and an airplane crash. The characters lives intersect in interesting ways, and the art is very cute.

Daisy KutterFrom Matthew R.:
I'm a bit of a comics newbie, so this may not be as "undiscovered" as I think it is, but I'll go with Daisy Kutter. This was a four-part series from 2004, written by Kazu Kibuishi. I think it's available in a trade paperback, but I recently picked up the four issues from the back issue boxes at the comics shop I frequent. It's a western, but there are robots (which may be enough recommendation already). The main character is a woman who has retired from robbing trains. She's getting bored in her new role as a small town shopkeeper when she receives an offer to do one last job. The plot keeps things moving along, and the characterization and the pacing are great. It's just plain fun, with some nice character moments, some humor, and a few surprises. Plus, there are killer robots in the wild west-- what else do you need? (And, if it's okay to plug the place I shop at-- many thanks to Paula at Spy Comics in Federal Way, WA, for the recommendation.)

mister Blank #1From The Dane:
There are so many great books out there that just simply have never found an audience that it's difficult to choose what should be chosen. I've thought quite a bit about it and have narrowed my recommendations to two books (both published, incidentally, by SLG): Sparks by Lawrence Marvit; Mister Blank by Christopher Hicks. Both books accomplish their goals marvelously in my view. Sparks offers a unique and touching narrative through a very common and cliched framework. The art isn't grand or particularly special, but it serves the story - and if Sparks is about anything, it's the story. Mister Blank on the other hand, offers wonderfully playful illustrations with the kind of bold lines that can really make a black-and-white book sing. Hicks is an amazing visual storyteller and the tale he tells here is some of the most fun I've ever had reading a book. If you haven't read either of these, I highly recommend taking the time to enjoy them for what they are: good comics.

Thanks to everyone above for your recommendations; you have all been entered into the drawing for the 100 Comics Grand Prize. There's still time for you to enter, but be sure to do so before Tuesday at 6pm EDT!

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