Saturday, August 12, 2006

Undiscovered Gems Day 4

I only received one recommendation/entry today for the 100 Comics Giveaway Contest; an undiscovered gem of which you may not have been aware:

Paul Auster's City of GlassFrom Stephen Frug:
My pick is Paul Auster's City of Glass, adapted (from Auster's novel) by Paul Karasik and David Mazzucchielli, and superbly drawn by Mazzucchielli. It's an old graphic novel, but it's been reprinted, and I don't think it gets anything like the attention it deserves. It's neo-noir, but I think the best term for it would be "postmodern mystery". It's a bizarre, gripping story, with mysteries that lead into mysteries. The art is superb, not only in execution but conceptually, with all sorts of interesting and marvelous choices. I just gave a copy to my non-comics-reading father, and he loved it, but obviously current comics readers would like it too. It's a simply wonderful book; check it out.

Hey, wouldn't you like a chance to win 100 Comics? Then send me your pick for an undiscovered gem no later than Tuesday; details here.

And while I'm at it, let me thank the following blogs for their linkage to this contest: Precocious Curmudgeon; Redhead Fangirl; Crocodile Caucus; Comics Worth Reading; TangognaT. (Were there more? The link referer in Blogger seems to be spotty...)

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Stephen said...

The cover you posted was from the 1994 printing; it was reprinted in 2004, and that's probably the more readily available copy. But this is my fault: I have the 1994 edition, and so didn't realize that they altered the title for the reprinting. The title of the 2004 edition is not Paul Auster's City of Glass, but either City of Glass: the Graphic Novel or City of Glass: a Graphic Mystery, with Auster now listed as an author rather than in the title (the cover says the latter, but Amazon lists it under the former). So people might want to search for the more recent edition, since it's probably more readily available.

The cover of the recent edition can be seen here. (Not as nice as the original cover, IMHO, but obviously the inside is what counts, and that's the same.)