Wednesday, August 17, 2005

FGNW Day 2: Winners

The winners for Free Graphic Novel Week Day 2 are:

Daydream Lullabies: A Billy Dogma Experience goes to Roger Green. Roger writes:
I'm someone who has gone from collecting comics to working in a comic book stores (FantaCo, Midnight Comics) for a decade to dropping the funny books cold turkey when I got my job as a librarian a dozen years ago. I've (most tentatively) become more interested in the art form, and so reading about someone with a tenuous grip on reality, trying to make ends meet - you know what librarians make - seems appropriate.
I certainly do know what librarians make, and hopefully Billy Dogma will help push Roger back over the edge into comic-land.

Remains goes to Rick Gebhardt because, well, just read this:
I would really dig getting this graphic novel mailed to me as I am in love with zombies. Seriously, if I could have a zombie girlfriend that would marry me at a zombie wedding ceremony in a zombie church so we could make little zombie babies and have a zombie farmhouse with zombie chickens and zombie pets, I would be in heaven… zombie heaven. So until that happens, could I read that copy of Remains that you have?
Rick, while at this point I'm starting to fear for your immortal soul, you are obviously in need of more zombies in your life, so Remains is yours!

Congratulations to Roger & Rick. Surprisingly, I only received four entries for Day 2--Come on people, what does it take to get you to send off an email for a chance at a free graphic novel? Maybe you'll like what I have for Day 3, which will be announced just a little later this morning...


Roger Owen Green said...

Well, *I* appreciated the fact that there were only a handful of participants, but I'll plug your next posting, FWIW.

Thank you kindly.

Unknown said...

Dude, you just made my zombie day!