Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Like Printing Money

Via BookSlut's SDCC coverage, Raina Telgemeier is doing graphic novel adaptations of The Baby-sitters Club for Scholastic. This seems like the perfect storm for audience and content. It will also probably not sell in most comic shops, although I'm sure it'll make a killing in bookstores, and sell well to libraries too. And don't Scholastic do one of those buy-books-through-the-school things? I'd think that a smart comic store would have a couple of these on hand, prominently displayed near the front of the store, for browsing by little sis when she gets dragged along with big brother.

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Scott Robins said...

We've got a ton of great books coming out in the next few years. BSC, Bone and Queen Bee are just the beginning. Check out for upcoming details and coverage.