Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Previews-o-Rama part 2: The Middle

We continue now with the second half of our monthly stroll through the lastest Previews for items scheduled to come out in October (more or less...)

AAA Pop has the fourth volume of MIke Allread's The Golden Plates.

Abstract Studios have more of Terry Moore's Strangers in Paradise (#77) and the 17th collected volume as well.

ACC Studios has liberality for All, which shows what would happen if those evil liberals had taken over the country. Yeah, right, like that's going to happen. I like how the conservative saviors of America include convicted felon G. Gordon Libby and overturned-on-a-technicality Oliver North. Brings a whole new meaning to Neo-'Con', doesn't it.

More Yotsuba&! (vol. 3) and Cromartie High School (Vol. 4) from ADV Manga.

Woo Hoo! Not only is Aeon reprinting Matt Howarth's Keif Llama series in a handy collected edition, they also have a brand-new Keif Llama series as well.

AiT/PlanetLAR's intriguing GN for the month is Rob Osborne's Sunset City, about mysterious goings-on in a retirement community.

Alias don't have any new series debuting this month, although you'll want to take note of the final issues of Opposite Forces (#4) and David: Shepherd's Song (#3).

Oddball project of the month is Amaze Inks new Disney collabortation, Haunted Mansion, with Roman Dirge. Worth getting I think just to see what the heck it ends up being...

Aaron Warner's Amazing Aaron Productions releases the second volume of A College Girl Names Joe just a month after the first volume. You may want to slow up on the release schedule there Aaron, to give your readers (and, more importantly, retailers) a chance to get interested in the first volume before committing pre-orders to a second...

If you still haven't discovered the guilty joy that is Fred Perry's Gold Digger, Antarctic this month has a five-pack of Gold DIgger Pocket Manga for the discount price of just $30.

Archie get an early jump on the holiday comic season with Christmas-themed issues of Betty & Veronica Spectacular (#72) and Archie's Holiday Fun Digest (#10). They also have a new issue of Sabrina (#71).

Dynamite Entertainment want to be the next Avatar, with five covers for Red Sonja #5, but they're going to have to work harder, as Avatar's Lady Death: The Wicked #1 has at least seven covers.

Del Rey has the third volume of Genshiken.

Digital Manga Publishing has the second violence-filled volume of Bambi and Her Pink Gun.

DR Masters have the fifteenth volume of Iron Wok Jan.

Drawn & Quarterly are heavily pushing Guy Delisle's Pyongyang: A Journey in North Korea.

Fantagraphics have a long-awaited new issue of Chris Ware's Acme Novelty Library (#16)--too bad it's a $16 64-page hardcover. (I love the sly solicitation text though!)

New Publishers Go!Comi & Ice Kunion both enter the crowded manga market with several new manga voluems from each. (Actually, Ice Kunion are focusing on Korean Manwha.)

ibooks have a new GN from Joe Kubert: Jew Gangster: A Father's Admonition.

IDW have the final issue of Angel: The Curse (#5) and the fourht collected volume of Te Legends of Grimjack.

Kyle Baker Publishing have the second issue of Kyle Baker's Nat Turner biography.

Lost in the Dark have the second issue of Fragile Prophet.

Moronik Comics have the second issues of Bug Girl and Dirt Boy.

Oni have the final issue (#4) of Banana Sunday. Final issue?! Please tell me that there will be more!

Renaissance Press wraps up Jimmy Gownley's "Superheroes" storyline in Amelia Rules #16.

Speakeasy have the third issue of Rocketo.

Apparently Bill Jemas's new comic company, 360ep, apparently isn't even going to pretend that it's more interested in comics than in merchandizing.

New OEL manga from TokyoPop include Mark of the Succubus by Askly Raiti & Irene Flores; and A Midnight Opera by Hans Steinback.

Viper conclude The Middleman with issue #4.

Viz seem intent on making manga fans sound like babbling idiots when they ask their friendly comic retailer for a book called BoBoBo-Bo Bo-BoBo (or, as I'm sure it'll end up being called, "That Bo-Bo-Bo-Bo manga").

Sorry I'm light on the snark this time around, but this Previews-o-Rama is late enough as it is. I'll try to squeeze in double the snark next month.

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