Sunday, August 21, 2005

FGNW Day 6: Winners

The winners for Free Graphic Novel Week Day 6 are:

Mortal Souls goes to Stephen Frug, who writes:
I'd like to read Mortal Souls because I've never read anything by Steven Grant, and I'm always interested in new writers -- and because I just have a thing for zombies (because, y'know, zombies, how can you not?)
Zombies indeed. They're the new monkeys, you know.

Go Boy 7 goes to Daniel Wales, who writes:
I've never read Go Boy 7, but it looks like it is drawn in the manga style. I would like this graphic novel for my collection because I don't have any comics in the manga style yet.
Well, it's not exactly 'manga style,' bu I think that Daniel will enjoy it nonetheless.

Those were the only two entries that I received yesterday! It certainly made the decision easy this time. Se how simple it is to win? Today is the last day of FGNW, and I'll be announcing the offerings later this morning. Do'nt miss out on your last chance to win!

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Wow! Awesome! Thanks!