Friday, August 19, 2005

FGNW Day 4: Winner

The winner for Free Graphic Novel Week Day Four is William Burns, who writes:
I'm not a cat burglar or a snitch, my landlord is reasonably cool, and I don't have anyone trying to kill me (that I know of) but other than that I think I'm a lot like Sammy. The only thing that could render my Very Sammy Day bearable is receiving a free graphic novel!
William, I hope that when you copy of A Very Sammy Day arrives in the mail that it makes your life a little more bearable!

Wait a minute--winner? Singular? Wasn't I giving away 2 graphic novels every day? Well I'm certainly trying; but, while four people entered for A Very Sammy Day, *nobody* sent in an entry for Ultimate Elektra. Not a one! Apparently there are some comics you can't even give away... We'll see if I have better luck when the Day 5 choices are announced later this morning...

Update: Alan David Doane just wrote in to say:
My daughter is a huge Elektra fan, but I didn't know about that particular giveaway until it was too late...if you still want to get rid of it and have it end up in the hands of someone who will appreciate it, my daughter would love to have it.
Yes, I do want Ultimate Elektra to have a good home, so I'll be sending it off to Alan for his daughter to enjoy.

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