Monday, August 22, 2005

FGNW Day 7: Winners

The winners for Free Graphic Novel Week Day 7 are:

Epileptic 1 goes to Raphe Cheli, who writes:
I guess I'd like to get this because it just sounds so damn interesting. I've picked it up a couple of times at shops, flipped through it, and thought, "Next time I have a little more money, I'll get this." What I've read of this (in various online previews, what I've seen in the shops while browsing), it sounds something just up my alley.

Also, this is the third time I've entered, and they say "three times a charm"!
Indeed it is, Raphe, so expect to see Epileptic 1 heading its way towards you real soon. (I should point out that the copy of Epileptic 1 was provided by the multi-talented Jim Ottaviani, whose own new GN Bone Sharps, Cowboys, and Thunder Lizards is at the printer and should be in comic shops and bookstores near you sometime in September!)

Andrew Kleimola is the winner of the big Sky Ape three GN prize package. Andrew writes:
So, it's a big gorilla... and he's a millionaire... and he has a jetpack? These graphic novels look so friggin' weird I just need to read them! I'm trying to think of something clever and/or witty to write so you will choose my entry, but my kid is crawling around right now chewing on an A/V cord, making my Big Drill Car record skip and playing with one of our dog's toys, so I should probably go take care of that.
Andrew, you go take care of the kid, and later you'll get to read some wacky Sky Ape comics!

Finally, as a bonus, I'm sending an unanounced GN to long-suffering Martin Moretti. Martin cranks up the guilt factor by writing:
I would like to win Sky Ape because, despite the fact that I entered the very first day, I didn't win any of the comics in Free Comic Book Month. It was so depressing to watch the running tallies of comics given away and entries recieved, as my odds of winning decreased accordingly, and absurdist jetpack-wearing gorillas would cheer me to no end.
Turns out that it's true: poor Martin was the only person who entered Free Comic Book Month on the first day who didn't end up with any comics! Well Martin, the Sky Ape GNs are going to someone else, but looking over your 5 FCBW picks I think that you'll enjoy the copy of the 21 Down: The Conduit graphic novel that I'll be sending you.

This wraps things up for Free Graphic Novel Week. I had six entries for this final day: 2 for Epileptic and 4 for Sky Ape. In all honesty I thought that participation in this week-long give-away would have been much higher--after all, who wouldn't want a chance to win a free graphic novel? Thanks though to everyone who participated--I ended up finding good homes for all of the lonely GNs.


Anonymous said...

Damn, Dave, you rule!

Anonymous said...

Hey, thanks! You made my day!

Raphe said...


Jeez... I hope this doesn't mean by winning, I'll have to go into a higher tax bracket this year. :-)

Anonymous said...

Guilt Wins!

Thanks so much, this made my morning.

Anonymous said...

After the fourth lousy day in a row at work, I realy needed a I arrived home last night to find my copies of Sky Ape. Thanks again!