Monday, August 29, 2005

Using the Library for your Manga Fix

Over on Animefringe, Shannon Fay has written an article for manga and anime fans on how to use your local public library to read manga and view anime: "Club Scene: Library Carded":
What kind of manga will the library have, if it does have any? Don't expect anything released last week. Although it will be unlikely that the library will have any hot new series, it may have classic titles anywhere from a few years to a decade old. If you ever wanted to read some of VIZ Media's older series, such as Sanctuary, or other titles from their Pulp line, but you weren't willing to shell out $19.99 for a manga, the library may be able to help you out. It also may have a few out of print or rare series that you can borrow as well.
She goes on to talk about how to use the library's online catalog to get on the hold list for titles that are checked out, and how to encourage your library to but more manga and anime. About the only thing she leaves out is how to use Interlibrary Loan (ILL) to get things that your library doesn't own from other libraries that do.

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