Thursday, August 18, 2005

FGNW Day 3: Winners

The winners for Free Graphic Novel Week Day 3 are:

Genshiken, vol. 1 goes to Annie Jo Cain, who writes:
I just read 'Wrong about Japan' and suddenly found myself very curious about manga. My local library is having a backup problem and the titles I have put on hold still haven't come in so I am dying to be introduced to a Japanese graphic novel.
We shall thus help Annie to sate her manga curiosity with this story about manga fans in Japan.

Will Eisner's A Family Matter goes to Andrew Wales. Andrew writes:
Will Eisner is one of my heroes. He wasn't much more than a teenager when he decided to try to make his living doing comic book art -- in the midst of the Great Depression, no less! He was a pioneer in so many ways. He was one of the first to open a studio, the Eiger-Eisner Shop. He was the first to have the audacity to suggest that if comics are both words and art, then they have the potential to be both great works of literature and fine art. Even his fellow cartoonists scoffed at that. He was one of the first to suggest that comics could be used to teach. He was the first to write a graphic novel. In spite of the awe I have for him, I do not own a Will Eisner graphic novel! If I am chosen, this contest could change all that! Here's hoping!
Well Andrew, now you own a Will Eisner graphic novel (or at least you will once the post office delivers it) and I think that you'll appreciate it.

Response was much better for day three: 3 people requested Genshiken, while a whopping 10 people requested A Family Matter. That's more like it! If you weren't picked this time, there's still four more days left in my blogiversary give-away, and you're welcome to enter again if something else catches your eye. The GNs for Day 4 will be announced later this morning.

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