Saturday, September 04, 2004

Around the Horn

What's been said in the comics blogosphere this week.

In the Fortress of Soliliquies, Ron Freeman calls me out for my comments on Azzarello's Superman. I say it's intentionally bad, while Ron feels that Azzarello's reach has simply exceeded his grasp so far. We've scheduled the duel for March 2005.

Everybody links to Larry Young's article about comic blogging. I go unmentioned, but then I've only been at this for a couple of weeks. Just include me in your next batch of swag, Larry, and all will be forgiven!

Johanna is running a contest with copies of Fallen Angel as the prize.

At Postmodern Barney, Dorian doesn't hate kids, he just hates the parents.

Jon Silpayamanant reminds us about horrifying things such as Supermodels in the Rainforest and It's a Bird... It's a Plane.... He also takes a look at some soft porn comics of the early 90's.

Shane Bailey begins a look at underapreciated comics with a look at DC's short-lived Chase.

ChaosMonkey Mark Hale worries about Joe Casey's robot fixation.

Finally, John Jakala at Grotesque Anatomy calls it quits. We join in the weeping and gnashing of teeth at seeing another fine blogger take his bow.

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Jon Silpayamanant said...

"Soft Porn"--hah, that's another way to look at it! Surprisingly, despite everything, I think Assassinette could have really been a great comic. Sure, I didn't even comment on the stilted dialogue (though there was plenty of other bad things to point out), but the concept was a solid basis for what could have potentially been a good "neo-super-hero" comic book.

I might have to look around for some other issues to see where Dixon and Ball went with it (if it even made it past the first issue--I hardly know).

I probably should have reviewed "Supermodels..." as well, but, in it's own way it was worse than the others I reviewed despite being much more recent than the other four. What is that sying about "those who fail to know history will surely repeat its mistakes"--or something like that...