Sunday, September 26, 2004

Previews-o-Rama part 2: The Middle


TokyoPop's big new entry is DearS, with cute aliens in Earth high schools. More interesting is the debut of Peach Fuzz by Lindsay Cibos & Jared Hodges, winners of the 2nd Rising Stars of Manga competition.

Dream Gold from ADV looks like it could be interesting--a high-tech treasure hunt adventure.

888 from ComicsOne features "laid-back detective stories."

From the solictation copy for High School Girls vol. 3: "More turmoil with boys, school grades, and relationships as the girls take an extended break at the beach where the heat is not the only thing steaming things up!" It's like every manga story distilled down to its essence!

Viz debuts Tough, about "an action-star wannabe with super-secret fighting skills." Sounds boring as hell. They also have the single volume Blue Spring with sounds interesting in concept, but I have a violent dislike of Taiyo Matsumodo's art.


Strangers in Paradise #71 has a fun Christmas cover.

Web comic As If! gets a collected print edition. Strangely I hadn't heard of this one before, but after checking out the Website I'll be looking to get a copy. (Yeah, I could read it for free on the site, but I stare at a computer monitor most of the day at work.)

Larry Young has Proof of Concept, an OGN collection of short stories by various artists.

Evan Dorkin & Sarah Dyer have a new anthology: Biff! Bam! Pow!. But $4 for 24 pages? Sigh...

Another Web comic, Loyola Chin and the San Peligran Order, gets collected by Slave Labor.

Issue #4 of Street Angel is on the docket.

Archie Double Digests are $3.59 for 192 pages in full color. This is probably the best page-price deal in comics, beating even manga collections all over the map. How can they do this? Archie knows how to leverage its old material. Why don't other publishers follow their lead?

Soulfire #4 has four different covers! On fact, Aspen are so sure that fanboys will part with your money for all of these that they don't even show you what they are. In fact, they make a big point in their 2-page ad spread and their solicitation of not showing you the covers not once, not twice, but three times!

Avatar's Alan Moore's Yuggoth Cultures gets a trade collection.

It's Lady Death's 10th anniversary. I don't care much for the character, but I have to admire Brian Pulido's tenacity at somehow rescuing the character from two successive bankrupt publishers. Of course, when I think of all the worthwhile characters tied up in legal limbo, it kind of makes me cry.

God the Dyslexic Dog has a fun title and Alex Niño art.

Nothing new from Beckett this month. Strange...

Elvira is on issue #140? I have no idea what the economics of Claypool must be like, but they manage to keep these low-run series going somehow...

Daniel Zezelj has a story collection, Caballo.

Devil's Due continues their genre-breaking genius by giving us, um, super-heroes. Plus, they continue to keep Chuck Dixon employed.

Drawn & Quarterly debuts its new "Petits Livres" line of 'affordable art books' with Julie Doucet's Lady Pep.

Dynamic Forces continues to offer vastly overpriced signed editions of comics.

There's a Ghostbusters comic? This 80's comics nostalgia thing has gone too far.

Vanyda's The Building Opposite from Fanfare/Planet Mon looks like it could be interesting.

Simone Lea's Fluffy is $16 for 40 pages each, planned for 4 volumes. Are they on crack?

Early Megaton Man gets collected from iBooks. I may have to get this--IIRC the tales were set in SE Michigan.

iBooks also continues their Mister X collection with a volume two that includes a short story by Gaiman & McKean. As if I won't have enough things to buy in December.

The good news is that Desperadoes returns. The bad news is that it's from IDW, so it's overpriced. Wait for the trade, and hope that Amazon has it at a discount.

IDW also has an overpriced John Law collection: 80 pages for $15 which includes 3 reprinted stories.

Jack Lake Prodcutions gives us yet another dark reimagining of the Oz stories with Dorothy Gale: Journey to Oz.

Oni has a second Love Fights collection, the final issue of Ojo, and a new Queen & Country: Declassified mini, with art by Rick Burchett.

Temporary #1: Cubes and Ladders intrigues me for reasons I cannot fully grasp...

Rosen Publishing launches a line of biographical non-fiction graphic novels, with entries on Abraham Lincoln, Christopher Columbus, Alexander the Great, George Washington, Sitting Bull, and Spartacus. $10 for 48 pages is a bit steep, but they're obviously aiming for the educational market, so if their bindings are high quality that may do okay.

Nothing new from Top Shelf this month.

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