Saturday, September 11, 2004

Around the Horn

What's been talked about in the comics Blogosphere in the past week:

Grim picks up on Bendis Backlash in Rampage.

Steve returns from a two-plus week absence, only to announce that he's going away again.

Tim questions what's been done with Steve Ditko's The Question in The Hurting. Personally, I think that a Question series where the character was played to his roots would be a fascinating read, precisely because I tend to disagree with much of the Objectivist philosophy. But then, I'm the sort that can read something that comes from an opposite position and learn something about myself because of it.

Shane investigates Warlock's Greg Pak in Near Mint Heroes.

Jon gets medieval on bandwidth thieves' a$$es in Mae Mai.

Christopher goes through blog withdrawl when Blogger posting goes phhft for a day or so.

Mike looks at Superman and how things have or have not changed with the character's status quo over the years in Progressive Ruin.

Ron, from his Fortress of Soliloquies, looks at an early post-crisis Superman/Batman story and finds that it doens't hold up as well as he'd thought it would.

Kerry, The Comic Queen, discoveres Rob Ullman.

Dorian discovers The Watcher's ecumenical religious roots in the land of postmodernbarney.

Matt, out on Highway 62, worries about the upcoming Sin City film.

Peter learns that, yes, Stan Lee can go lower than Stripperella.

Bookslut Jessa rips holier-than-thou graphic novel reviewers like Jeff Danziger a new one. It's one of the best posts I read all week.

Casey, in The Only Blog That Matters, starts up a blog-meme for Brilliant but Cancelled comics (or is it Shane in Near Mint Heroes?). ADD and Chris pick up on it. I'll have my own list soon...

David, our Prococious Curmudgeon, commits manga heresy by admiting he doesn't care that much for Nausicaä.

And finally, Larry Young writes another column about bloggers. Once again I'm ignored, apparently because I didn't email him about being ignored the first time. Squeeky wheel gets the grease and all that, right?

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