Saturday, September 18, 2004

Around the Horn

What's been discussed in the blogosphere this past week:

Tegan in Bloggity-Blog-Blog-Blog already misses Aquaman scribe Will Pfeifer.

Kerry the Comic Queen lays down to the law to Marvel: No More X-Books!

In The Hurting, Tim continues to talk about Ditko and in the same post discusses Larry Young's guide to comics publishing.

TangognaT wants to relearn Japanese so as to be able to read manga in the orginal. A couple of years ago I tried (long story...) to take an extension class in basic Japanese before I took a trip to Japan (another long story, but one I might actually tell someday). Anyway, about half the people in the class were teens who wanted to learn some Japanese so that they could watch untranslated anime.

In the Progressive Ruin, Mike lets us in on the secret of Krypto's secret identity. He also plays the Swamp Thing Game and suffers through the Swamp Thing cartoon.

Lots of people point to The Sin City presentation, and it looks fabulous.

In Comics 212, Christopher points out that recently everyone is blogging gay (NSFW).

Dorian & Johnny have a beefcake / cheesecake faceoff.

BeaucoupKevin wants Julie Schwartz to return and haunt the editorial offices of DC.

Ian and the kids from the Brill Building get some costumes out of the shed and put on Hulk: The Musical.

Over in Peiratikos, Steven gets into a discussion with Shane, Kitty, Rose, David and others about whether Identity Crisis is mysogynist, exploitative, or what.

Finally, over in the Daily Illuminator, Steve Jackson annoucnes that in addition to the official Japanese, Korean and Portuguese translations of GURPS Fourth Edition, the free GURPS Lite will also be translated into "Bulgarian, Italian, Danish, French, and Klingon. Yes, Klingon." Because if playing an rpg in the basement wasn't geeky enough for you, you can now game in Klingon!

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