Sunday, September 12, 2004

Fall TV Preview: Sunday

New Show of Note: Jack and Bobby (WB, 9pm Eastern) debuts tonight. I was totally going to skip this show, about two bothers who have a future life in politics, as it looked just too damn precious. Even through all the good reviews, I figured it couldn't possibly be as good as all that. But now that Newsarama has revealed that Brad Meltzer, currently pissing off comic fans in Identity Crisis, was one of the creators, the scales have been tipped and I'm curious enough to TiVo the first episode to see if it really is all that.

Comics Connection: Yeah, there's always The Simpsons (FOX, 8pm), but besides Brad Meltzer and Jack and Bobby we've also got Lois Lane herself, Terri Hatcher, in the new ABC drama Desperate Housewives (9pm). I was planning on giving this a shot when Sheryl Lee was cast as the dead woman, but since they've dumped her and recast the part that pretty much dampens my interest.

Also: I've still got about 11 episodes of Arrested Development (FOX, 8:30pm) on tape to watch from last season, but since it doesn't start up again until November I should be okay. The only worry is that FOX's football games have a tendancy to mess up their Sunday night schedule, and the TiVo doesn't pick up well on that sort of thing. I'll watch Boston Legal (ABC, 10pm) to enjoy William Shatner's scene chewing, until like all David E. Kelly shows it becomes too damn annoying and I give up in disgust.

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