Friday, September 17, 2004

The Sixth Sign

The end is drawing nigh: William Shatner has won an Emmy. For acting.

And don't forget, Bill has a new album coming out soon.

(Click on cover image for full-sized version, courtesy of GCD.)


Jon Silpayamanant said...


ADD said...

I don't know who the other nominees were, so I can't speak definitively, but Shatner's run on The Practice was an unexpected delight, mostly hilarious but also at least once or twice genuinely moving, as well. He deserves it.

Dave Carter said...

I like Bill, but it's in a very kichy sort of way. I did manage to catch a couple of his episodes of The Practice and thought that he was interesting in his usual over-the-top way.

The other nominees for Best Guest Actor were: Bob Newhart (er), James Earl Jones (Everwood), Matthew Perry (The West Wing), and Martin Landau (Without a Trace).