Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Fall TV Preview: Wednesday

Entertainment Weekly and TV Guide are both out with their Fall Preview issues this week. So since I'm almost as big of a tube junkie as a comics junkie, I'll take a post each day for the next week to go over the new season. In the interests of keeping this a comics-blog, I'll try to make at least a tenuous connection to comics for each post.

New Show of Note: Lost (ABC, 8pm Eastern), the new show from Alias creator (and one-time proposed Superman director) J. J. Abrams, has a premise that in lesser hands would be a bad movie of the week: passengers of an airline are marooned on an island. But I have faith in Abrams, and Lost has been getting very good buzz. Plus: Daniel Dae Kim is in the cast, and he's almost always good.

Comics Connection: Smallville (WB, 8pm) of course. While last season stumbled several times, the season ended with a bang. They need to do something with Lana/Clark, because another season of "I like you but can never be with you" will drive me nuts.

Also: I really want to care about CSI: NY (CBS, 10pm) because I like Gary Sinese, but CSI: Miami was a dog and we already have enough cop shows set in New York. So I'll be sticking with good ol' Law & Order (NBC, 10pm), especiialy with ultra-cool Dennis Farina joining the cast. At 9pm, I'll probably stick with West Wing (NBC), even though Kevin Hill (UPN) with Taye Diggs as a reluctant dad looks like it could be good. I've already seen the pilot for Hawaii (NBC, 8pm) and though it's not set in New York, it still felt like just another cop show, and my TiVo and VCR are already busy at 8pm.


Ian said...

I saw the first half of Lost at SDCC. Pretty good action show, but I have no idea how they'll make it a weekly show.

Dave Carter said...

I imagine that Lost will have several weeks worth of stories, but I can't see its long-term prospects for plots as very promising. Then again, Abrams managed to turn Alias on a dime in its second season, which is why I have some hope.