Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Fall TV Preview: Tuesday

Last day of the Fall TV Preview.

New Show of Note: Veronica Mars (UPN, 8pm Eastern) takes over Buffy's old time slot, and looks to be a winner. It stars Kristen Bell as a high school student who moonlights by helping out her dad, a private detective. It was created by Rob Thomas, who was also responsible for Cupid, one of the best one-season shows of the past decade. Let's hope that UPN shows some patience with this modern-day Nancy Drew.

Comics Connection: Well, there's Last Comic Standing (NBC, 8pm), but that's a different kind of comic. Or there's Father of the Pride (NBC, 9pm), which is animated but not really related to any comic book. Oh hell, I've got nothing for this. For six straight days I was able to come up with at least a tenuous comic connection, but Tuesday has me stumped.

Also: After a rocky season 4, Gilmore Girls (WB, 8pm) finished strong, and I'm looking forward to season 5 of one of the smartest written shows on tv. The evening ends with the guest-star-o-rama Law & Order: SVU (NBC, 10pm), which I'll continue to watch as long as Richard Belzer continues to play Detective Munch, the character he's played on at least four different shows over the past eleven years.


Kevin Melrose said...

I'm reaching for a comics connection, but how about this? Kristen Bell (VERONICA MARS) guest-starred in an episode of THE SHIELD ... which also is a comic series. Eh, I got nothin'.

On the Richard Belzer/John Munch front: I can only think of three series on which he's appeared as the character (HOMICIDE, the original LAW & ORDER, and SVU). What's the fourth?

Kevin Melrose said...

Wait, wait, wait ... HERE'S the comics connection: Allan Heinberg, writer of Marvel's upcoming YOUNG AVENGERS, is consulting producer on GILMORE GIRLS.

Take THAT, Kevin Bacon!

Dave Carter said...

Dude, you rock! Thanks for the assist.

The fourth series for Munch was The X-Files, in the fifth season episode "Unusual Suspects".

Also, Belzer had recurring roles on both Lois & Clark and The Flash, though not as Munch.

Dave Carter said...

Oh, and speaking of Kevin Bacon:

Munch was on The X-Files where he met Fox Mulder. Mulder was on an episode of The Simpsons where he met Homer Simpson. Homer met Spinal Tap when they were on The Simpsons. Spinal Tap has performed on Late Night with David Letterman, who has also had as a guest:

Kevin Bacon!

Kevin Melrose said...

Ah, I'd forgotten about THE X-FILES episode. Thanks.

Dave Carter said...

I was just reminded of the fact that Munch was on a fifth TV show: the short-lived The Beat.