Saturday, September 11, 2004

Fall TV Preview: Saturday

New Show of Note: The Batman (WB, 10:30am Eastern) is the new animated cartoon, which is separate from the old Paul Dini/Bruce Timm Batman and promises to focus on Batman's early years. Actually I'm prejudiced against this, as its mere existance has caused the cancellation of DC's Batman Adventures comic, which was easily the best Batman comic they've been publishing for years (Ty Templeton is The Man!) But even so I'll give it a shot.

Comics Connection: in addition, Saturday also gives us Justice League Unlimited (Cartoon, 8:30pm), a third season reworking of the JL toon which features shorter stories and gets to play with nearly the entire pantheon of the DC Universe. I never really warmed to the Justice League toon before, but I've really been sucked-in by the revamp.

Also: Amazing Race (CBS, 8pm) is relocated from its successful run on Tuesday nights in the summer to the wasteland of Saturday. This is the best 'reality' show on television, and the only one I watch. In fact, I'm downright obsessed with it. I do wish they wouldn't always compress the contestants so much after each round and make finishing order more important, but I understand that this needs to be done in order to heighten the drama and move Phil around, and they need to bring back the Fast Forward for every round. (See, told you I was obsessed!)

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Roger Benningfield said...

I don't mind AR's pacing, since it ensures that no one can leap out to an early lead and dominate the game based solely on one well-run leg. I like the the airport is always The Great Equalizer.

But I agree completely about the now-erratic placement of fast-forwards. The "yield" idea is interesting, but if you're gonna have it, have it on every leg. Ditto for the FFs.

Although there's one thing I like about the new FF system... in years past, the FF challenges tended to be so easy that they essentially became an opportunity to take the day off. That head-shaving challenge was perfect, because it gives the contestants a chance to prove how badly they want to win, and think twice before trying to skip ahead in the future.

My only other complaint is the "non-elimination leg" concept. Clumping them up at the end of the race *removes* drama rather then heightening it, IMO.