Wednesday, September 08, 2004

DC Timeline

Bob Hughes is putting together a remarkable timeline of DC Publishing history. It's not yet complete, but it's already worth a look.

It's not just a list of facts--there's plenty of fun snark, such as this entry from February 1993: "Green Arrow: The Wonder Year- Mike Grell screws up Green Arrow chronlogy and makes Ollie even shallower than usual. 4 issues."

You'll learn stuff too. For example, I only vaguely recall that Sarah Byam and Trevor Von Eeden did a short-lived Black Canary series.

(Thanks to Tony's Tips for the link.)


Jon Silpayamanant said...

Excellent!! Thanks!

Johnny Bacardi said...

Well, those Black Canary comics weren't all that memorable in the first place. Von Eeden wasn't especially motivated to do his best work, and was inked by someone totally unsuited more often as not, and Byam tried hard but soon gave in to silliness.

I've still got a near-complete run if you want 'em...