Monday, September 13, 2004

Super Powerless

Those of you with long enough memories may recall the Super Powers line of DC Super-Hero action figures manufactured by Kenner in the early- to mid-80's. They features prominant heroes and villains of the DCU in typical 9-point articulated figures. There was also a Super Powers television show as well as three Super Powers comic mini-series, the first two of which involved the legendary Jack Kirby.

There were three waves of Super Powers figures in all, but Toy Otter has the lowdown on a missing fourth wave of action figures that was planned but never went into production. It would have featured such characters as Blue Devil, The Creeper, Black Vulcan, Bizarro, Reverse Flash, John Stewart, Atomic Knight, Vigilante, Mister Mxyzptlk, Man-Bat, and many others.

I never collected Super Powers figures--by the mid-80's I felt I was 'too old' for such toys, plus as a teenager money was tight and if I was going to keep buying comic books I couldn't afford action figures even if I wanted. Of course, today I think they're pretty cool and would love to have at least a few of them to decorate the office. Hmmm, I wonder what's available on eBay...

(Thanks to Chris Karath's Blog for the link.)

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Nik said...

Wow, seriously cool. I'd kill a man for a Blue Devil action figure. And Black Vulcan? Whoa.