Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Quick GN Reviews

Blue Inferior; Princess Ai

Blue Inferior, vol. 1
by Ktoko Shitou
In a future world ravaged by environmental pollution, humanity survives in isolated pockets along the coast that have been spared. Kazuya, a 14-year-old boy orphaned when his parents never returned from an expidition to the world outside, finds a mysterious amnesiatic girl laying unconscious on the beach. Where did she come from, and did she arrive by accident? This is manga, Sparky--what makes you think any of these questions are going ot be asked in the first 200 pages? Shitou's story is part adevnture and part romance, and his art style is a cross between Rumiko Takahashi & Clamp. Will be worth continuing, as long as the story doesn't start to drag.
Rating: 3 (of 5)

Princess Ai, vol. 1: Destitution
by Misaho Kujiradou & D. J. Milky
Let's see: Girl from a fantastical other dimension comes to Earth? Check. Said girl falls for attractive, sensitive, probably-not-gay musician? Check. Girl takes job where she deals with the jealousy of coworker? Check. Girl maintains internal monologue about how lonely she is? Yup. All the shojo tropes are here in this American/Japanese hybrid manga "created by" D. J. Milky & Courtney Love. I was mainly interested in Princess Ai due to the involvement of Ai Yazawa, creator of the fabulous-looking Paradise Kiss. While Yazawa's designs are in evidence, the art by Kujiradou is competent but not exciting. It's not bad, but there are plenty of other volumes of manga available that are more deserving of your $9.99.
Rating: 2 (of 5)


Anna said...

I sort of liked Princess Ai :)

At least it didn't suck as much as I thought it would. I do agree that it isn't very original.

Dave Carter said...

Oh yeah, I've read much worse. I suppose I judged it a bit based on all the hype, which probably isn't fair. It isn't bad by a long shot.