Saturday, September 25, 2004

Around the Horn

What's the buzz in the world of the comics blogosphere:

Ron Freeman returns to his Fortress of Soliloquies to discover Lex Luthor: Super-hero

Steve Lieber gives us an update on what all the cool artists at Mercury Studios are working on.

Tim O'Neil shows us the true meaning of The Hurting by starting off a mini wave of ALF cover nostalgia.

Shane gives all of us Near Mint Heroes 3 Things He Wants to See in Comics.

Jon of the Mae Mai looks at avante garde and whether or not so-called avante garde comics actually are.

Christopher Butcher in Comics 212 wonders why anyone bothers to launch a comics newsmagazine site. Ed Cunard responds from The Low Road.

Mike Sterling has many cool Swamp Thing toys in the offices of the Progressive Ruin.

Tegan reviews trade collections of the greatest Web-based library comic strip of all time: Unshelved.

Kerry the Comic Queen is among those who have discovered the joy that is Mike Mignola's Amazing Screw-on Head.

Postmodern Barney Dorian declares that movies based on comic books aren't any good.

Matt remembers the first time he encounterd a comics specialty store on Highway 62.

TangognaT exposes W as an anime copyright infringer.

Todd Murray is Following Cerebus.

Steven of Peiratokos examines whether or not Identity Crisis is an effective locked room mystery.

Ian from the Brill Building looks at Chaykin's The Shadow.

Rick Gebhardt discovers Lobo.

Comics may have eaten Tom Bondurant's brain, but he's still able to ask Must There Be a Superboy?

Evan Dorkin textually reduces a self-important 'promoter' to a blob of jelly.

Finally, I'd mention the John Byrne fiasco, but I don't have to since Everybody else has.


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Thanks for the link. 3 more are coming sometime soon.

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